• Git-plus

    Package for Github’s atom editor. It allows doing git-y stuff from the editor without a terminal. As a vim user, I’m very used to Tim Pope’s vim-fugitive and wanted that same feel for atom.

  • ChromeStorage

    Friendly promise-based way to use the storage api in google Chrome extensions.

  • Qubits

    While building an event-sourced CQRS system in Java, I was frustrated with the framework that was used and its rigidness. Qubits is just my version of the ideal CQRS tool set I’d like to use.

  • Tutor

    A very basic web app for studying vocabulary words in different languages. I’m learning French and I wanted a flashcard like system that worked the way I wanted. I also wanted to make a desktop app with HTML and coffeescript so I initially created it using node-webkit and NeDB for simple nosql storage but moved to a pure web page for accessibility. More details can be found in the source at github

  • Ezlinkedin

    Ruby gem I wrote while working on intrnhuntr.com. This gem makes calls on the Linkedin API. There was another gem at the time I wrote this but it was not working for me so I started it over from ground up and made changes to suit my purposes. It just works…and it’s pretty well documented I think.